Lesson learnt

This picture was taken during a recent family trip to Italy, on the way from Ancona to Rome.

There were twenty of us on that bus. Yea, twenty Indian people with one Italian driver.

Poor driver.

Italy was beautiful and I definitely will go again. But this time, with friends.

*Note to family reading this: I really do love you guys. But one at a time. Or in smaller numbers, at least. 


What you gon’ do with all that junk?

All that junk inside your memory box.

No, that isn’t will.i.am messing up his lyrics. That’s my mum asking me the same question every few months. And every time my answer remains the same:
“It’s called a memory box for a reason, ma!”

I have three memory boxes from my favourite school years – my ’10th grade’ box that’s been sealed shut for years, my ’11th-12th grade’ box and ‘other memories’ box.

(Don’t look at me so strangely! Everyone has memory boxes, right? Ummm.. right?)

When I went away to college, my mum took the liberty of rearranging my cupboard. How sweet. NOT!

My first trip back home and I found that everything in my room had mysteriously moved. Including my memory boxes (and my diaries!!!!). Thankfully, my 10th grade box was still sealed shut, but the other two boxes had merged into one.

Now, I’m not the tidiest person on the planet, but I like to organise my stuff into different boxes or shelves. And I hate when people mess with my stuff. It took me a week to get over that big memory mess. I could’ve just separated them into two boxes like before, but my mum had used those two boxes for something else, and I really couldn’t be bothered.

Instead, I chose to look sadly at the big box everyday for a week.

This is my 10th grade memory box, which I fondly named 'crap'.

This is my 10th grade memory box, which I fondly named ‘crap’, which sits among other crap in my cupboard.

Now wait a minute… I can’t find the big memory box.

Not. Again.


Oh well ..

Today's daily prompt

Today’s daily prompt

Love is in the air!

Just not in my air.

Everyone around me is either getting married or is having a baby. And me? At this rate, the only thing I’m close to marrying, is my blog. Hmm.. that doesn’t sound right, because I usually call this blog my baby.

Anyhoo, it’s been three years since I started this blog (and four years since the world was supposed to end).

And guess what? I’m still writing, and more importantly, loving it (and most importantly, I’m still alive).

Haven’t yet attended that yoga class I signed up for in 2013, but I have more yoga gear than I did then, like those cool yoga socks I picked up five months ago and that cute yoga clutch for when.. umm.. if I go to yoga class.

Same with my Spanish lessons. Tried teaching myself, but that never happened, like the Italian and… ugh, never mind. I could just add those to my ever-growing ‘Languages I Want to Speak’ list.

Oh well, I guess some things never change.

Rain rain come again

Today's daily prompt

Today’s daily prompt

I live in a country that barely witnesses any rains. Let me put it this way – rain makes headlines here. Most of us who’ve been in this place for years, find ourselves waiting for the rains all year long!


This is a photo that I took during one of the first rains we had in Abu Dhabi last year. It started to drizzle as we were driving back home from Dubai.
Falling asleep to the sound of the rain that night was the best feeling ever.

ie iou ooa (Life without consonants)

Today's daily prompt

Today’s daily prompt


Proper grammar? lol wut

Correct spellings? hu carez

Writing in full sentences? 2 bz 4 tat

Welcome to modern-day communication.

No one has time for complete sentences anymore.
Look at Technology making life so easy. Take a lesson, Grammar!

Technology – 1
Grammar – 0
Humans – -5

Such a busy life – who has time for vowels?

Hmm.. but if you come to think of it, wouldn’t it be simpler to use only vowels? Or vwls, as they are known to bz ppl.

i i eaie o ie i a?
(Translation: Isn’t it easier to write this way?)

How would one understand anything, you ask?

How does one understand something like this, I ask:

Can you understand this?

If my child wrote like this, I’d drop a dictionary on his head. Or her head. That’s right, no mercy.

Everyone, please clap for me

Today's daily prompt

Today’s daily prompt

It’s been a long and exhausting day. I come home to find an email informing me that my first film will be screened at the Sundance Film Festival.

Wait, wait. What? Is this really happening?

Fast forward two months and seven celebration-tiramisus later, there I am accepting the Sundance Film Festival Audience Award. For the first time, I don’t have to ask everyone to clap for me. It may have been my hard work, or it may have even been the power of all those tiramisus. Either way, I can now call myself a writer.

Aaaaand voila, just killed two birds with one stone! That was my positive realisation exercise AND my daily writing exercise for today.

I’m going to go celebrate with some tiramisu now.

*Edited post