Sorry, I’m Lazy

Today's daily prompt

Today’s daily prompt

Saying no to people, is something I still need to learn to do.

So, I really can’t remember the last time I turned a request down.

But I have done something that could well be considered as saying no to helping someone. Something that I’m not so proud of.

Few months ago, on the bus to work, I was lucky to find a vacant seat. The bus to my workplace is usually very very crowded and it takes about thirty minutes to reach my office. Few stops into the journey, an old lady entered the bus and couldn’t find a place to sit. I could have offered her my seat, but I didn’t. Two minutes later, the lady sitting next to me got up and offered the old lady her seat.

Not something I take pride in saying, but I’ll admit – I was lazy. I thought to myself, oh I still have another fifteen minutes to go and I don’t want to be standing in this crowded bus. And then, she’s faced the other way anyway.

That incident was enough to make me feel like nonsense the rest of the day.

In the evening, as I walked back home from the bus stop, I noticed an old man carrying two big bags, a little behind me. He was about to get into the same building as me. So, I patiently held the door open and waited till he got inside. He then smiled so widely and thanked me like I’d just given him a free house. But it made me feel so good and grateful for having learnt my lesson that morning. It was like God giving me a second chance to be the good person I should have been on that bus ride.

I realise, holding the door for him wasn’t that big a deal, but it brought a smile to both of our faces. That counts for something, doesn’t it?

Old people are cool

One thought on “Sorry, I’m Lazy

  1. I can understand your reluctance to give up your seat, its morning, the bus is busy, you had 15 minutes to go, yes sit there and let the old bugger stand, they don’t deserve a seat just because she is old. I met an 86 year old woman who ran marathons but she would look like your grandmother for a seat on a bus when it suited her……………….Now saying that, I was brought up old school in fact I went to a grammar school where master wore capes and carried canes and if you didn’t hold a door for a master, it meant four swipes of the cane upon your backside and some masters were very good at that job. So it was beaten into me to ooze politeness, if I had a hat I would tip it. Yes I stand up when I women comes into a room, I hold doors, I stand up on buses and yes it it does make me feel good, its an altruistic act, even when I have had a bad day I will still be polite, it costs nothing but the rewards are good………be nice if I was handed £5 tip but hey a smile and a thank you will do nicely. 🙂

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