C’mon baby, light my fire

Today's aily prompt

Today’s daily prompt

Here I am standing in my corner, lean and tall. Just the way she likes her men.

Everyday, she leaves me alone for hours at a stretch, and returns only to strip down right in front of me! Every. Single. Day. I try to look the other way, but I can’t. I’m frozen. One would literally have to lift me up and turn me in the other direction.

She touches me in inappropriate places sometimes. (Hey! I’m not complaining!)
Every night, before she goes to bed, she always manages to turn me on. There’s even been a few times where she then touches me and screams, “Hot!”

Then how is it even possible that I overheard her say the other day, “Oooh, I found this beautiful bedside lamp to go with my new bed.”

All these years – after all the touching and the staring. Was this a lie? Am I just another bed lamp to her?

That's me in my corner

That’s me in my corner

11 thoughts on “C’mon baby, light my fire

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