Do I even exist?

People pretend like I don’t exist.

When I talk, they look right through me.

Today, it escalated to another level –

I thought he was different.

He looked like a nice guy, the kind of guy who would offer you his seat in a crowded bus.

Every evening, as I jogged to the park from my house, I’d see him drive past me.

But today! Today, for the first time he looked at me. The second I smiled at him, he started driving toward me. Before I knew it, he drove right through me with fear written all over his face, repeating, “You don’t exist, you don’t exist.”

He tried to hit me with a forklift! A FORKLIFT! But I continued to stand there, unharmed, as if nothing had hit me. As if I didn’t …. exist. And as I turned to look back at him, I heard the little boy watching us from across the road cry out, “My ice cream fell.”

11 thoughts on “Do I even exist?

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