ie iou ooa (Life without consonants)

Today's daily prompt

Today’s daily prompt


Proper grammar? lol wut

Correct spellings? hu carez

Writing in full sentences? 2 bz 4 tat

Welcome to modern-day communication.

No one has time for complete sentences anymore.
Look at Technology making life so easy. Take a lesson, Grammar!

Technology – 1
Grammar – 0
Humans – -5

Such a busy life – who has time for vowels?

Hmm.. but if you come to think of it, wouldn’t it be simpler to use only vowels? Or vwls, as they are known to bz ppl.

i i eaie o ie i a?
(Translation: Isn’t it easier to write this way?)

How would one understand anything, you ask?

How does one understand something like this, I ask:

Can you understand this?

If my child wrote like this, I’d drop a dictionary on his head. Or her head. That’s right, no mercy.

7 thoughts on “ie iou ooa (Life without consonants)

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