Oh well ..

Today's daily prompt

Today’s daily prompt

Love is in the air!

Just not in my air.

Everyone around me is either getting married or is having a baby. And me? At this rate, the only thing I’m close to marrying, is my blog. Hmm.. that doesn’t sound right, because I usually call this blog my baby.

Anyhoo, it’s been three years since I started this blog (and four years since the world was supposed to end).

And guess what? I’m still writing, and more importantly, loving it (and most importantly, I’m still alive).

Haven’t yet attended that yoga class I signed up for in 2013, but I have more yoga gear than I did then, like those cool yoga socks I picked up five months ago and that cute yoga clutch for when.. umm.. if I go to yoga class.

Same with my Spanish lessons. Tried teaching myself, but that never happened, like the Italian and… ugh, never mind. I could just add those to my ever-growing ‘Languages I Want to Speak’ list.

Oh well, I guess some things never change.

10 thoughts on “Oh well ..

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