What you gon’ do with all that junk?

All that junk inside your memory box.

No, that isn’t will.i.am messing up his lyrics. That’s my mum asking me the same question every few months. And every time my answer remains the same:
“It’s called a memory box for a reason, ma!”

I have three memory boxes from my favourite school years – my ’10th grade’ box that’s been sealed shut for years, my ’11th-12th grade’ box and ‘other memories’ box.

(Don’t look at me so strangely! Everyone has memory boxes, right? Ummm.. right?)

When I went away to college, my mum took the liberty of rearranging my cupboard. How sweet. NOT!

My first trip back home and I found that everything in my room had mysteriously moved. Including my memory boxes (and my diaries!!!!). Thankfully, my 10th grade box was still sealed shut, but the other two boxes had merged into one.

Now, I’m not the tidiest person on the planet, but I like to organise my stuff into different boxes or shelves. And I hate when people mess with my stuff. It took me a week to get over that big memory mess. I could’ve just separated them into two boxes like before, but my mum had used those two boxes for something else, and I really couldn’t be bothered.

Instead, I chose to look sadly at the big box everyday for a week.

This is my 10th grade memory box, which I fondly named 'crap'.

This is my 10th grade memory box, which I fondly named ‘crap’, which sits among other crap in my cupboard.

Now wait a minute… I can’t find the big memory box.

Not. Again.


2 thoughts on “What you gon’ do with all that junk?

  1. Sounds like you need to move your memory boxes to a more secure location! I, too, have a memory box, though I have never called it a memory box, so thanks for giving me an official term for it. I have always just referred to it as “the box of things I feel too guilty to trash so I will leave for my children to trash when I die.”:)

    • Haha, I know. Probably when I finally get a place of my own! And right now, it’s only one box, till I find out what happened to the other one 😦 Scared to even ask.

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