#firstworldproblems: Crappy Shows and Inner Conflict

Warning: Fans of The Vampire Diaries might hate this post.

Also, spoiler alert.

Many TV shows start to get boring or repetitive or just really crappy and complicated after the first few seasons. In my opinion (I repeat, in my opinion*), The Vampire Diaries is one of them. However, I can not get myself to stop watching the damn show. I just need to know ‘what happened next’.

This is me, every single time:



*No offence to vampires all over the world. Although, the show has probably offended many of them**.
**No offence to TVD fans.

19 thoughts on “#firstworldproblems: Crappy Shows and Inner Conflict

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  10. I felt the same way since the very beginning of this show – I couldn’t stop watching although I felt it had gotten really lame after a very short time and by season 3 – forget it. So I just tuned it out – forced myself to walk away – and now, lately, I was surfing the channels, looking for something worthwhile, and clicked on it. I watched about 10 minutes and turned off – not worth *my* time.

    Right – just pissed off how many TVD fans? Doesn’t matter. It’s just my opinion. If you want something more interesting of this nature type thing – check out Sleepy Hollow. Some of the acting isn’t great, but the premise is far more interesting and holds much greater room for development and interpretation.

    • Aaaand I just watched the latest episode of TVD, and let me say, it doesn’t get better. I’m going to go check out Sleepy Hollow πŸ™‚

      • Well …. Sleepy Hollow is different, but somehow captivating – probably because there is more plot development and possibility with it. Hope you find it a better alternative.

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