Woohoo! Guess who’s a Versatile Blogger!


Thank you so much, lifeconfusions and Steve for the Versatile Blogger award. Two nominations in one night, by two of my favourite bloggers! Couldn’t be happier. I really appreciate the support. Thanks again!

The award requires me to list seven things about myself and nominate other bloggers for the same award. So here goes.

Seven things about myself:

  1. My first concert was the Backstreet Boys reunion concert.
  2. I have an entire, and growing, collection of stuffed lions.
  3. I once won an ‘Honorary Spelling Bee’ title in college. My greatest achievement. Before this award, that is.
  4. I love to eat but have no interest whatsoever in cooking. Or baking.
  5. I watch way too many TV shows for my liking.
  6. I always sit through the closing credits of movies.
  7. I’m fangirling over Bastille currently.

Blogs I enjoy reading and nominate for the Versatile Blogger award:

  1. It’s a Fine Line
  2. Tales of a Slightly Stressed Mother!
  3. It’s A Wonderful F’n Life
  4. Simple Smiles
  5. Lemon Lime Follies
  6. Kodi.
  7. Helen Meikle’s Scribblefest
  8. I Fancy a Doozy
  9. Eating Curry and Rice
  10. Crow Arrow, Inc.

8 thoughts on “Woohoo! Guess who’s a Versatile Blogger!

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