Hi, my name is Athina and this is my third (or fourth) attempt at maintaining a blog.

As you can already see, I have commitment issues.

I talk to myself a lot, not so much in public though. When I talk to (real) people, I tend to mumble, which looks like I’m talking to myself. When I do manage to have a conversation with a (real) person, I speak in incomplete sentences which I know can be very..

I’m Indian – Brown Indian not Red Indian.

I’m a bit of an oddball (but isn’t everyone??). I don’t like ice cream or chocolate, though I like chocolate-y things like chocolate milk, chocolate cake, double chocolate chip cookies, etc.

I’m a small big-dreamer – my dreams are big but I myself am quite small. I recently swapped my corporate career to work with itty bitty kiddies.

I blog about nothing and everything, together and at the same time!

I love otters. The I-can-stare-at-pictures-of-otters-for-two-hours-straight kinda love. I think they’re possibly the world’s cutest creatures. Not convinced? Here:

“Oh, hi there. Raise your hand if you think I’m cute.”

Still not convinced?

Damn right.


15 thoughts on “HELLO!

  1. Oh I love Otters as well, I was the first person to take photographs of an Otter at Montrose basin http://mysoresoul.co.uk/the-otter-me/
    I also mumble to myself, people think I have had one sherry to much. Making a fool of oneself is all part of being human and who we become. I just wish more people would do it. 🙂 Carry on doing it the world needs laughter 🙂

    • Hey! Love meeting ‘anotter’ otter lover. Otters are such brilliant, happy creatures, aren’t they? Sadly I haven’t ever seen one in real life.

      And thanks for the kind words!
      Keep smiling! 🙂

      • Come to Scotland we have loads of them, you can watch them floating on their backs with a oyster on their belly while they beat it with a pebble to open it………that’s some six pack it must have. 🙂 The river that runs through my city have them just under a bridge, but they are very shy.

    • Haha, I really am short. And thanks, the daily prompts have brought out something else in me. I’ve never enjoyed writing as much as I do now.

      • Wait a minute.. I just realised you may be talking about my actual name. *sheepish grin* If yes, then thanks again! 🙂

  2. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing several otters in person, and I can confirm that they are indeed the cutest creatures on this planet – and possibly on any planet. 😉

    Wishing you the best of luck maintaining this blog!

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