Spread That Love

It’s been a while – a very very long while – since I last posted on this blog. So much has happened.. so much good and only good. I fell in love and am in a (very) happy relationship with the nicest and most supportive human being I’ve known, I met my closest friend after ages, I moved to England to do my Master’s.. I can go on.

I’ve always felt that I was (am) a very negative person, mostly because I worry too much. I create all this drama in my head when I think about challenging situations and in doing so, I only expect the worst. So, for the past two years, I’ve actively tried to overcome these anxious and negative feelings and I may not be over these feelings completely, but I do notice sometimes, how far I’ve come with the way I handle situations positively. That makes me feel good.

Of course, there’s always times where I relapse into negative thinking and dramadramadrama. So, I constantly try to look for ways – often by reading helpful articles written by others – that will help me be happier and stay positive.

One approach I’ve begun recently, is to directly tell people what I admire about them. Sometimes, I think I sound silly like I’m cheering a 7-year-old on – my voice gets all high-pitched -, but I’ve been doing it anyway. It’s also getting easier for me to compliment people, which sounds very normal and is something people do everyday. But is it?

I think, with all the negativity in this world right now, we all need a bit of positivity and encouragement from time to time. Letting people know that I appreciate and notice that they’ve done something nice or even offering a simple compliment makes me happy. Even smiling at a stranger (who smiles back, of course) has the ability to make my day!

So, try it.

Spread some love and positivity in the smallest way you can – it is more powerful than you think it is.



How I Killed My Career AKA A Resurrection of Sorts

My life’s about to change. I’m excited. I’m confused. I’m grateful.

I graduated with a degree in Journalism, Literature and Psychology. Since graduating, I’ve only worked in Events and PR. Now, I’ve decided to switch to Education. Not because I don’t like what I’m doing, but only because I want to work with children. And I don’t even love children all that much!

My life’s about to change.

I’m excited.

This is something I’ve wanted for the past two years – to work with kids -, and more so in the last few months. The new job will make me a certified Cognitive Trainer. Sounds fancy, right? It is! I get to help kids improve their cognitive skills, which will consequently improve important brain functions such as their attention and memory, and help them to do better academically and in other non-academic areas like sports. It means having to also work with children who have learning difficulties, which can get hard and challenging.

I’m confused.

It’ll be hard and challenging to work with children of all kinds, especially since I haven’t ever done anything like this before.
And that isn’t even the confusing part.
I’m quitting my full-time fairly-well paying PR job, which I actually like, and possibly making the worst move for my career in Communications, for…… a part-time job to…. work with children for…… less than half the pay.
What am I even doing? Does this even make sense?
I haven’t even worked with children before. I don’t even know whether I’m good at this. I’m not even a patient person by nature. Just what am I doing?

I’m grateful.

I’m grateful for having supportive parents.
I’m grateful for all the super jobs and opportunities I’ve had that have made me who I am today.

This is Your Life

My life’s about to change!

All this week, I’ve been in training for the teaching job, and have had to observe other trainers in action. And it’s only made me more eager to do this.

It may not have been the best decision for my career, but it’s probably the best decision I’ve taken for, and in, my life so far.

This is my small way of making a difference in the world – by making a difference to these little kids’ lives. Call me naïve, call me confused, but I’ll still say what I need to say.

A little consideration goes a long way

Today's daily prompt

Today’s daily prompt

Treat others as you would like them to treat you.

– Luke 6:31

A colleague of mine has at least one story every month about how she was served really bad food at a restaurant.

“We waited twenty minutes for our main course and they served us burnt steak.”

“I yelled at the waitress and asked her if they make all their customers wait this long.”

“I asked her to call her manager and gave him a piece of my mind.”

(Ringing up the restaurant) “This beef is expired. I know what beef tastes like. Ask the delivery man to come back and take this away.” (This happened at lunch today!)

Of course, we’re all paying for service. But that doesn’t mean we forget that the people serving us have feelings.

We all have bad days. Except most of us don’t have to fake a smile when we do.

There are indeed some exceptions that deserve a two-cent tip, but mostly, it’s just us being petty* (*DEFINITION: Marked by meanness or lack of generosity, especially in trifling matters).

Okay, you found a hair in your food – like you’ve never found a strand of your hair in your own cooked food. Pick it out and get over it! If it troubles you so much, call the waitress and politely tell her. She’s probably going to offer you another dish. Say thank you and move on.

Unless it was a rat’s tail instead of a hair strand.

In that case, you have every right to run out of the restaurant screaming. Like I would.

Quote by Ian Maclaren

Once upon a time…

Daily Prompt

Today’s Daily Prompt

I’m always reading more than one book at a time. Sometime in June, I was reading four books at the same time. It’s just something I do.

I digress.

So, I’m currently reading one book – Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett – on my iPad. Opening a random page, I select the tenth word – TIME.

But, Shantaram has been lying on my nightstand for the last week, unread. And since the challenge asks us to ‘grab the nearest book’, I thought I’d literally do that. So again, opening to a random page, I select the tenth word – ONCE.

TIME and ONCE. Perfect. Here goes.

I haven’t been having great work days in the past few weeks. I know it’s all a slow learning process, and I am indeed learning a lot, but I can’t help feeling down some days.


Google Image search for ‘time’

On these dejected days, I feel like time is running out, and I haven’t yet done anything worthwhile.


Google Image suggestions for ‘time’

Then I remember I’m only 24.

And for all the millions of people out there who have achieved great things in life at such a young age, there’s millions more who are clueless about life just like I am.

I’m unsure about my career, even though I have a stable job and am good at it. I dream of settling down and having a happy ever after with the right person.


Google Image search for ‘once’

Then I remember I’m only 24.

I have all this time to live, do things, make mistakes and more importantly, dream.

I’m positive that one day, I’ll find the life I want. But till then, I’m going to live one day at a time, and focus on being a happy and content person – the kind of person I want to be now and forever.

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